The first Belgian to receive the Covid-19 vaccine has been appointed

Notre Dame de Stockel in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, at La Bonne Maison de Bouzanton in Mons and at the Sint-Pieters woonzorgcentrum in Puers-Saint-Amand have been appointed, the Government Corona Commission announced on Tuesday. The vaccinations will be in the presence of regional ministers Alain Maron in Brussels, Christie Morreale in Mons and Wouter Beke in Puers-Saint-Amand.

Mayor Koen Van den Heuvel (CD&V) announced the news on Tuesday at a press conference. “As a small municipality, we are happy to have brought two good news in recent months: first the announcement that Pfizer will produce the vaccine in Puurs, and now that the first vaccine will be administered in our municipality.

The first citizen to be vaccinated will be Jos Hermans, a 96-year-old man living at the Puurs-Saint-Amand nursing and care home, the municipality confirmed. Jos Hermans, 96, has been in the residential care center for six years and is the oldest of the residents.

Jos Hermans, 96, who has lived in the health center for six years and is the oldest of the residents, was chosen by management to be the first to receive the vaccine. In a first reaction, the man says he is not nervous about being vaccinated. “I hope to be 100 years old.”

Hermans says he weathered the corona crisis well. “I have my phone and my television, that’s what I do. I missed the tour, but I think there are still too many visitors here. They bring the disease.”

“Jos has always followed the measures strictly and is very motivated to be vaccinated,” says director Fred Rogiers. “That’s why we chose him. We also hope that he will be able to inspire his fellow citizens to be vaccinated.”

With this motivation, Mr. Rogiers believes that the residential care center is in good shape. “For now, only two of the 92 residents are not yet convinced.”

The vaccines, produced by Pfizer in Puurs, will be delivered to UZ Leuven on Saturday, where they will be thawed the next day. Transport from the hub to the nursing homes will take place on Monday morning.

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