The first clarification from the Saudi health regarding the vaccination of children “5

The Saudi Ministry of Health continues its field and continuous follow-up to the latest developments in the spread of the new Corona epidemic, methods of preventing and eliminating it, and submitting daily reports on new and critical cases and cases that have recovered, in conjunction with the continuation of the operations of giving Corona vaccine doses throughout the first and second kingdom, and preparing to dispense the dose The third promotional program for people with chronic diseases and the elderly, at the time when it issued its first statements regarding the possibility of vaccinating children.

Health and corona vaccination for children

Ministry spokesman revealed the healthMuhammad Al-Abdali, about all the details of the possibility of vaccinating children, pointing out that the results and data of the studies currently available are promising about the possibility of starting to vaccinate children under 12 years of age, with doses of the Pfizer vaccine against the emerging corona epidemic, and it is expected that this will take place immediately after the completion of the procedures This matter will be dealt with in the coming days, and treatment is now taking place according to certain channels to ensure safety and effectiveness.

New statements from the Ministry of Health regarding the receipt of the Corona vaccine in the Kingdom for those under 12 years old
The first clarification from Saudi health regarding the vaccination of children “5-11 years old” with the Corona vaccine

And start assessing the situation

The ministry’s spokesperson also indicated that preparations for a number of meetings will begin in the coming days in coordination with bodies and centers specialized in this matter from the United States of America, and it is also expected that a number of important decisions will be issued on this during the next week, and it is likely that there will be progress during This week and the emergence of news about the possibility of benefiting from it and giving approvals for use, and then there will be consideration from the rest of the bodies around the world.

The first clarification from the Saudi health regarding the vaccination of children

He also expressed his great confidence in the procedures and decisions issued by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in this regard, in cooperation with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. the health In the event of the availability of appropriate data, developments will be announced immediately on this subject.

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