The first crossover LAZ-695 2022-2023 is presented cheaper than a million rubles and with engines from Volkswagen

Today, the global auto industry is experiencing quite serious problems. Under these conditions, only Chinese manufacturers not only maintain their positions, but also improve them. So, one of the largest Volkswagen companies in the world already forced to revise the complete set of models in favor of their simplification. At the same time, the German manufacturer is already preparing to leave Russia. Together with our country, Volkswagen may lose the CIS markets. But this problem may be solved by localizing the production of cars in neighboring countries. One of the options could be a site that until recently belonged to the Lviv Automobile Plant.

This business is not currently in operation. However, it is located close to the European market, which is convenient for Volkswagen. This will help reduce the cost of transporting the necessary components. But due to the “tarnished” reputation of Volkswagen, it is possible that it will not produce cars under its own brand in Ukraine. According to the domestic designer, the LAZ company will soon be revived due to the launch of the production of its own crossover. And Volkswagen will become an active participant in the project to return the Ukrainian brand to the market.

The designer has published a series of renders showing the first crossover LAZ-695 2022-2023. The model presented by him is distinguished by a simple body design and compact dimensions. The likelihood of such a crossover appearing in the Volkswagen product line is due to at least two reasons. Firstly, it will help improve the position of the German company in the markets of the CIS countries. Secondly, the presented LAZ crossover will be really cheap. According to rough estimates, it will cost less than a million rubles in terms of the current exchange rate.

That is, by launching such a crossover, Volkswagen will thereby enter a new segment of the world market for itself. If we exclude China, where Jetta brand SUVs are sold, then all crossovers from the German manufacturer cost more than a million rubles. The launch of such a model is likely for another reason: if Volkswagen really wants to strengthen its position in the markets of the CIS countries, then it needs cheap cars. Otherwise, sales of German brand models here will continue to fall. Therefore, entering the site of the Lviv Automobile Plant can bring great benefits to Volkswagen.


The new LAZ-695 2022-2023 crossover is both similar and different from Volkswagen SUVs. The maximum similarity between the presented and the German model can be traced when compared with Taos. The German crossover also has compact dimensions. The rear part of the body is characterized by a stepped shape and is complemented by an underdeveloped spoiler. But upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the LAZ crossover is designed in a unique style.

The latter is explained by the fact that the presented model, if the project is implemented, will enter the market under a new brand. Accordingly, the similarity with Volkswaqen products will be only nominal and due to the fact that the basis for the Ukrainian novelty will be one of the modifications of the MQB platform. By the way, the German company more than a year ago introduced a “trolley”, which is just designed for compact and inexpensive cars. That is, Volkswagen will not have to rework existing platforms to create a crossover similar to the LAZ model.

Some similarity with German cars can be traced in the front of the body. Here, at the LAZ crossover, there is a decorative trim with horizontal slats that imitate the pattern of the Volkswagen grille. The head optics are distinguished by a complex architecture, formed from LED lights of different sizes and shapes. A certain resemblance to Volkswagen is also emphasized by the front bumper with a huge air intake with rounded edges. The German concern, for example, applied a similar solution to the Tayron X.

Behind the Ukrainian novelty is a simple optics. But it is probably complemented by LEDs. The central bend, running just under the aft glazing, “revives” the rear of the body a little. However, the lower bumper also has a simple design.

In addition, the LAZ-695 2022-2023 crossover is likely to be prepared for light off-road. This is indirectly indicated by the presence of a thin plastic body kit that runs along the bottom of the side doors and wide wheel arches, and a relatively high ground clearance. But the Ukrainian novelty will not receive all-wheel drive, as this will lead to a noticeable increase in the cost of the car. In addition, the platform on which the crossover will be built is designed for front-wheel drive cars.


It is still difficult to guess what technical part the Ukrainian novelty will receive. The most likely option is the appearance of a LAZ crossover with a liter turbo engine under the hood. The maximum power of such a motor is 116 hp. Such a return is enough to provide good dynamics for such a compact crossover.

But it is possible that Volkswagen will equip the presented novelty with a 1.4-liter turbo engine. This motor has been successfully tested in Russian climatic conditions. That is, this unit is highly reliable. Depending on the version, the 1.4-liter turbo engine develops up to 125 or 150 hp. Together with him, a choice of a 6-band “mechanics” or a 7-speed robotic gearbox is offered.

Start of sales

Volkswagen has not yet made any official statements about its future presence in the markets of the CIS countries. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the leadership of the German manufacturer has not yet decided on its future. The given concept of the LAZ-695 2022-2023 crossover with a high degree of probability will remain in the form of renders. However, it cannot be ruled out that, for the above reasons, Volkswagen will not bring an SUV of similar size and characteristics to Russia and neighboring countries in the future. Moreover, Volkswagen already has models that have similar features. Author: Fedor Averiev

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