The first date of Carlos Vives and Claudia Helena Vásquez did not end as they expected

Claudia Elena Vásquez, wife of Colombian singer Carlos Vives, revealed the photo of the first time she saw samarium. Photo: Networks

On the morning of this Tuesday, June 15, Carlos Vives was the first in-person guest to attend the new studio of Caracol Televisión’s morning program, ‘Día a Día’, where they paid a very special tribute to the Colombian artist for his contributions to national music. Vives, in addition to choosing a viewer to win a television, sang, helped prepare a recipe and told an unpublished anecdote of his relationship with Claudia Helena Vásquez.

After a year of pandemic and teleworking, recently the presenters of ‘Día a Día’, Carlos Calero, Catalina Gómez and Carito Soto, returned to the Caracol Televisión studios to re-present the program from there; However, until now all the guests of the program had been virtually and from their homes.

This Tuesday they surprised with their first guest in person and it was samarium Carlos Vives, to whom they paid a special tribute by virtually inviting several of his friends and family to give him a few words of support and thanks for his work in the music industry. Among the messages were Vives’ children, who highlighted that their father gave them very good advice and that he was very good at telling stories.

One of the special guests that could not be missing in a tribute to the Colombian singer was his wife and mother of his children, Claudia Helena Vásquez, who was present through a surprise video call on the program. In the middle of the interview with Claudia Helena about the singer, the paisa revealed details about the first date that she had with her husband more than 20 years ago.

Claudia Elena Vásquez and Carlos Vives in 1996. Photo: Instagram
Claudia Elena Vásquez and Carlos Vives in 1996. Photo: Instagram

The anecdote caused pain to Carlos Vives, who said that despite all the good that happened between the two after their first outing, honestly This first meeting did not end as neither of them expected.

The first date between the samarium and the paisa was a bike ride in the open air, This was revealed by Claudia Helena. The singer invited her to ride a bike and, according to Vásquez, she accepted without hesitation because she was very interested in seeing him and could not wait, which is why she did not tell him that she was not exactly an expert in handling the two-wheeler.

For his part, Carlos Vives pointed out that, at that moment, it seemed like a good idea to do something outdoors and get out of the traditional romantic invitation to eat.

However, the former beauty queen revealed that Vives did not choose the best place to ride a bike, because while she was waiting for a quiet path to travel with her little expertise, the singer took her on a journey full of ups and downs in which it was anticipated that there could be an accident.

Indeed, the beauty queen suffered an accident, and it was not just any fall, because she had a fracture and was transferred to a medical center, where they could put her in a cast. Thus ended the first romantic outing of the singer and Claudia Helena, in a hospital plastering the paisa.

Despite this unexpected and not so good ending, the couple noted that due to the accident, Vives did not detach from Claudia Helena while she was recovering from the fracture, which made them bond much more and, since then, his love story will begin.

In addition to telling this anecdote, Vives also revealed details of when he met Ricky Martin, with whom he recently released the song ‘Canción Bonita’. The artist Samarium revealed that one day he went to the Puerto Rican’s house and met his mother, who cooked a special dinner for them and was surprised to see him arrive home, as she is a great admirer of the Colombian.


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