the first drive-through Christmas market inaugurated in Landshut

There is music, decorations, and even artificial snow. However, it is forbidden to get out of your car; that’s the rule at the world’s first drive-through Christmas market in Landshut, Germany. Menu in hand, it is possible to drive your vehicle between the stands, to spot your favorite sweets, pancakes or roasted chestnuts from a good distance, then to place the order. All you have to do is wait a few more minutes in the festive atmosphere before receiving your dish, served directly from the window.

Almost all of Germany’s Christmas markets have been canceled due to the health crisis. But, for the traders of Landshut, it was unthinkable, as much for their turnover as to maintain the spirit of the holidays. “What is important to me is that coming here to eat must be a festive experience; we don’t just sell pancakes or toasted almonds, we sell an experience“, assures Patrick Schmidt, organizer of the Christmas market.

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