the first episode is available for free on YouTube

To convince more and more viewers to watch its new series House of the Dragon, HBO has decided to upload the first episode in its entirety on YouTube, and it is therefore accessible for free.

House of the dragon

While fans of fantastic series were able to discover yesterday the first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerHBO wants you to know thatAmazon Prime Video is not the only platform to offer a grandiose series. Indeed, to put a spoke in the wheels of its competitor on the occasion of the launch of The Rings of Power, HBO broadcast the entire first episode of House of the Dragon.

This episode succeeded in bring together almost 10 million spectators on the first evening. The series currently has two episodes, and all eyes are now on the third which will be available tomorrow on HBO Max. The series was so successful thatHBO quickly ordered a season 2 right after the first episode airedand the platform is now seeking to encourage new users to subscribe to its service by allowing them to discover the first episode for free on YouTube.

How to watch the first episode of House of the Dragon on YouTube?

Although the House of the Dragon episode appeared on YouTube without geographical restrictions, it seems that access is currently only granted to viewers in the United States. This is because the video is age restricted and only available in regions where HBO Max is available. To get there, you will therefore need to arm yourself with a VPN to circumvent this geographical blocking. If you do not know which service to turn to, you can always consult our guide to the best VPNs of 2022.

We doubt that this HBO initiative will disrupt the launch of Amazon’s flagship series Rings of Power, but it’s good to see the platform allowing more Internet users to discover its original series for free. Anyway, with the joint arrival of these two series, it’s the perfect time to be a fantasy fan.

Source : YouTube

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