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Chengdu Hunter output player Leave, who broke out of the cocoon this year, won the OWL 2021 season’s most valuable player honor. Figure: Retrieved from OWL

The OWL Professional E-sports League announced earlier the 2021 regular season awards in “Fighting Fighting Special Attack”. This year’s Chengdu Hunter output player Leave won the title of the most valuable player in the regular season. The Rookie of the Year was selected by Atlanta’s Pelican, the coach of the year was picked by Dallas Fuel coach Rush, who formed “EM2.0” this year, and the Dennis Hawelka Award, which symbolizes community influence, was won by Dallas Fuel’s SP9RK1E. have to.

“I can’t believe I was nominated because there are so many skilled and impressive players in the league,” said Leave from China. “In fact, I can beat these players and win the MVP. Some are just thank you for your support.”

According to OWL official figures, Leave received 36.4% of the fans’ votes and the vast majority of official votes from the team, broadcasters and the media.

Also according to the official data, if the last season’s MVP Fleta was a free-seat player with a bottomless hero pool, then Leave is definitely one of the obvious chasers behind. This year’s Leave has selected a total of seven players to use time. A hero for more than 50 minutes is already a top freeman standard comparable to Fleta.

Selecting seven heroes with a usage time of more than 50 minutes is just a threshold. Leave also created another statistic that is superior to Fleta this season, that is, the Fleta Deadlifts, which was created from the latter, which refers to the map in a single game. In the game, the player’s individual last blow divided by 50% of the team’s last blow is the% figure.

A total of five Fleta indices have been recorded this season, of which Leave accounted for three times. The Fleta indices of these three times exceeded 70%. No player in the league can deliver such a ghostly result this season. It is worth mentioning that Leave is also the only player to maintain double-digit final blows per ten minutes this season. The most valuable player in a single season is definitely well deserved.


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