The first response from Hala Sidqi to the conversation about the “denial of the lineage of her twins”

1:16 PM

Thursday 20 August 2020

I wrote – Manal Al-Jyoushi:

The star, Hala Sidqi, said that she was surprised by a video clip in which a lawyer appeared, accusing her of seizing her husband Sameh Sami’s money under a power of attorney, and talking about a lawsuit denying the lineage of her twins.

In a statement to Masrawy, Hala confirmed that she will file a complaint with the Bar Association against this lawyer, who is trying to undermine and defame her for spreading false news.

She explained that she was careful not to address the matter in the media, taking into account the feelings of her children, and that her lawyer submitted a memorandum to the Attorney General to file a defamation case against this person and her husband.

Hala Sidqi had issued a statement saying: “My husband is trying in malicious ways to harm me and my hearing, after losing the issue of alimony, despite my attempts not to address the matter in the media out of my children’s feelings, but unfortunately he did not respect that or put it in his mind.”


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