The first round of the CBA playoffs: Guangzhou VS Shanxi Shougang VS Jilin_Game_Regular Season_Guangsha

Original title: The first round of the CBA playoffs: Guangzhou VS Shanxi Shougang VS Jilin

On March 21st, Beijing time, the 38th round of the 20-21 season CBA regular season had four first matches. Although the regular season has not yet ended, the top 12 playoffs have been released ahead of schedule, and the top 10 teams in the standings will be seated. has also been determined.

According to the competition regulations, the top four teams in the regular season will directly enter the quarter-finals and wait for their opponents. The four teams are Liaoning (1), Guangsha (2), Shanghai (3) and Zhejiang (4). The teams ranked 5-12 will have a 12-to-8 match first. Since the rankings of Tianjin and Shandong have not yet been finalized, the specific matchup between the two groups has not yet been determined.

Due to the recent spread of the national epidemic, when the CBA playoffs will start and the venue of the game has not yet been announced.

The following is the current playoff schedule:

12 into 8 against:

Upper half:

Guangzhou (8) VS Shanxi (9)

Guangdong (5) VS (12) (Tianjin/Shandong)

Lower half:

Shougang (7) VS Jilin (10)

Shenzhen (6) VS? (11) (Tianjin/Shandong)

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