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The first statement of the Ukrainian refugee kidnapped the heart of the British: He will not destroy me

by archyde

Over the past months issued a name Ukrainian refugee, Sophia Karkadem (22 years), the headlines of foreign and international newspapers after the kidnapping of the British, Tony Garnett, (30 years), from his wife.

Surprisingly, however, Sophia was left heartbroken and penniless when Tony abandoned her, kicked her out of their home, and called the police while she was trying to collect her things, telling her, “You’re not welcome here anymore.”

Despite this, she noted in her first statement after his separation from her that “Ukrainian women are strong… Vladimir Putin will not destroy us – and Tony Garnett will not destroy me,” according to the British newspaper The Sun.

She also added that she was paying for food and bills and cooking, cleaning and washing, “while he was sitting.”

‘It will be a hard journey’

While she added, “I really loved him and thought we would spend the rest of our lives together and have children, but he changed,” revealing that even his mother did not speak to him after what he did with his wife Lorna.

Tony Garnett and his wife Lorna (archive)

She also stressed that he knew when he expelled her that she had no money and nowhere to go, adding, “It will be a long and arduous journey for me now, but I will rebuild my life and when I do that I will be happy because he is no longer a part of it.”

About the story

mention that Sophia She had fled the conflict in her country by walking to the Polish border, and from there she traveled to Krakow and then to Hamburg in Germany before arriving in Berlin.

Two months later, she decided to move to the UK after the government offered the refugees six months’ stay with host families.

Tony Garnett and Sophia Karkadem (archive)

Tony Garnett and Sophia Karkadem (archive)

She then posted her application for a British sponsor on Opora Homes for Ukraine in April, so Tony logged on to the site after agreeing with his wife, Lorna, to help her.

Ten days after her arrival at the family home, she stole the man’s heart and caused the couple to separate.

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