the first volume of his memoirs published

On the occasion of the release of the first volume of his memoirs, Tuesday, November 17, Barack Obama gave an exclusive interview to France 2. He expresses himself in this work through 800 pages, to tell the course of an ascent , and the race of the world. Barack Obama’s memoir resembles the launch of a Hollywood super-production, complete with trailer on networks and movie amounts.

A bookseller in Washington (United States) has just placed the book on its shelves. “This kind of book attracts a very large clientele, and financially it will help us in this complicated period, it will be the book of this year and in particular during the holiday season.“, explains Adam Waterreus. Barack Obama recounts in particular his years of studies at Columbia, when he heard the clicking of the locks of car doors when he, the black student, walked in the street. He also details this night from 1 to May 2, 2011, when he gave the order to storm Bin Laden’s house, against the advice of Joe Biden, who considered the operation too risky. Lovers of culture, Barack Obama is also a huge reader.

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