News The five keys to finding your hidden talent

The five keys to finding your hidden talent


Surely you have ever heard the phrase of the renowned thinker Confucius, “choose a job you like and you will not have to work a day in your life”, but have we thought that perhaps what we like does not correspond to our talent? Many times, what we like is not related to what we do best. Sometimes, we have not even discovered what our talent is, which can really get us passionate.

N.C. Kurt, an expert in human potential and an instructor at Udemy, a global training platform for learning and teaching online, has developed the Law of Purpose, to put aside the mediocrity in which we can be involved if we do not fight to discover our true talent .

«The Law of Purpose implies moving away from determinism and taking charge of our lives. It is, fundamentally, a guide to discover and develop the best version of oneself, to understand what is the meaning of our life and what is the purpose that we must follow to achieve personal fulfillment, obtain what we seek and achieve happiness, ”he says. Kurt In this way, the Law of Purpose consists of five fundamental keys that allow us to discover our hidden talent and focus our professional career towards success.

Internalize that we all have some talent, beyond whether we know it or not. Interestingly, most people do not know. In this way, it is important to be aware that we will never find out if we do not perform that activity that requires the use of that talent. Therefore, leaving our comfort zone, of what we know, is vital, since staying in it limits us and does not allow us to experiment with new ideas, activities and projects.

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Adopt a scientific mentality, trial and error. To do this, we must start doing new activities, regardless of the knowledge or skills we have regarding them. Extracting an experience, a feeling or a result of your practice will allow us to obtain accurate clues as to what our hidden talent is. Albert Einstein himself explained that “madness is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get different results”

Do not confuse talent with skill. A person can quite master an area by constant practice, that is skill, but he will probably never get as far as he could if he had talent for that task. Talent is innate, so if we perceive that we have no talent for a particular activity, the ideal is to look for another one where we do and, once found, devote ourselves fully to strengthen and develop it.

Know what we want and master the will. It is essential to know what we want and reflect on whether it is in tune with our talent. If so, it is necessary to plan this path by setting appropriate goals and strive to follow them. “You have to have enough self-discipline to master the will, ensuring that it always follows our desire. Without will, desire is just a picturesque idea and nothing more, ”Kurt maintains.

Overcome difficulties and obstacles. In this path of search and development of talent, we will encounter difficulties and obstacles. However, they are nothing more than true learning occasions, you just have to know how to see the opportunity where others only see obstacles. With that paradigm everything is beneficial for our growth and development, both intellectual and spiritual. .


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