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The five most important tips on Twitter

by archyde

Switching to a vegan diet is not easy for everyone. There are lots of tips for interested people on social media. A user has been living a plant-based lifestyle for five years and shares his top five takeaways on Twitter.

Many people share tips and advice on Twitter – including plant-based nutrition. So also one Twitter-User who says they have been living a plant-only lifestyle for over 1,860 days. That’s a little over five years, he calculates. To mark the occasion, he has shared five tips for a plant-based lifestyle that he believes are particularly important.

5 tips for a plant-based diet

The author of the post has gained a lot of experience with plant-based nutrition over the past five years and shares the following insights and tips:

  1. The key is diversity: “With the plethora of edible plant-based products out there to buy, you really don’t have to limit yourself to the same handful of foods,” says the Twitter user. Also for them Darmflorawhich supports digestion, among other things, a varied diet is an advantage.
  2. Contrary to what is often claimed it is not enough to eat enough calories to eat enough protein recordsays the author of the post. He advises people who want to eat a plant-based diet: “Consciously consume protein – there are so many reasons to do that.” For example, our body needs the substances to supply itself with amino acids. These are important for the growth and maintenance of our cells and tissues.
  3. Fermented Food is a weapon”. What the user means by that: We specifically absorb bacteria through fermented food. These are important for the intestines: according to the cookbook authors, they should serve, among other things, to prevent diseases and obesity and to promote heart and vascular health. He therefore recommends regularly Sauerkraut, KimchiMiso, Tempehkefir, sourdough and unpasteurized kombucha.
  4. After five years of plant-based nutrition, the Twitter user Cooking as a valuable skill learned to appreciate. “Being in control of what lands on your plate is a powerful tool for good health — and it’s fun.”
  5. At the same time be one diet with dietary supplements but not inferior. “The notion that natural food is automatically better is a fallacy,” he says. “If a DHA/EPA algae oil serves me well, I’m in.”

here you can see the original post on plant-based nutrition:

Plant-based doesn’t always mean vegan

The term “plant-based” is not precisely defined. Most understand it to mean a vegan diet with as little processed food as possible. Noisy peta two But there are also cooks who understand this to mean cooking with plant-based ingredients – and still use dairy products, meat or honey. Anyone who lives vegan should therefore be careful with the term “plant-based”. In addition, health aspects are usually in the foreground with plant-based nutrition, it is less about animal welfare. More info: Plant-based and vegan: There are these differences

Utopia says: A balanced plant-based diet is also possible (almost) without dietary supplements

A plant-based diet has many benefits. Those who consume fewer animal products usually lower their carbon footprint – that is what is suggested, for example Figures from the Öko-Institut. But it is also good for your own health to eat as fresh and unprocessed food as possible.

Anyone who pays attention to a balanced vegan diet does not have to reckon with deficiencies either – the , for example, offers orientation vegan food pyramid. When it comes to dietary supplements, we advise against taking them “on suspicion” – except for Vitamin B12, which must be supplemented with a purely plant-based diet. It is best to discuss all other supplements with your family doctor beforehand. If you’re just starting to eat less animal products, you’ll find them here 10 tips to become a little more vegan.

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