The Foreign Ministry detaches itself from the protest where an employee participated against the act of Abel Martínez in NY

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that it has no relation to the protest held in New York in which a group of people booed the presidential candidate and mayor of Santiago, Abel Martínez.

The event occurred when Martínez was participating in an assembly of leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party in Manhattan, New York.

The PLD leadership accuses the employee of the Dominican Institute Abroad (INDEX), Mariluz Fermín, who also serves as vice president of the PRM Section in Manhattan.

The Foreign Ministry attributed the action to a personal decision made by Fermín outside his working hours.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies that it has no relationship with the protest held in New York, in which an INDEX employee participated, which was a personal decision, outside of her working hours,” states a twist published by the Chancellery.

Yesterday, deputies from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) deplored the action in which a group of people tried to boycott Martínez’s arrival at the assembly, as part of the agenda being developed in New York.

They considered the event as a show of desperation for the progress that the opposition party is taking with a view to the 2024 elections.

“To Paliza, as president of the PRM, and to Luís Abinader as head of the Dominican Government, that they put their people to work, and put order in the house, because that is not the image that an official who is called to watch over the Dominican community in New Jersey, ”said the spokesman for the PLD deputies, Gustavo Sánchez

He said that the ruling party is concerned about the support that Abel Martínez is receiving in the United States. “It is natural for them to feel despair, but for everything in life there must be order, and above all respect for democracy,” said Gustavo Sánchez.


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