The former Colo Colo who appears as an alternative to get out of the crisis

The adverse outlook of Colo Colo forces Black and White to look for alternatives to strengthen the campus. This is what Gustavo Quinteros requested, and this is how the board will discuss it again this Monday. On the list of possible signings is the name of a former white striker: Felipe Flores, who is currently a Sports Antofagasta player. Meanwhile, the attacker receives the affection of the fans.

Through social networks, Colo Colo fans write multiple messages to Felipe Flores. Many ask him to return to the Monumental: “Come back, you know how to wet your shirt” or “we wait for you at your house, crack” are some of the phrases he has received on his profile in the last hours. Flores was trained at the Monumental, and was the protagonist of the expected 30 star.

A fan even consulted him directly about the option of returning to Colo Colo: “I will always be available to return, but it is not up to me,” he wrote. Besides the people, Flores has the confidence of the dressing room. With Captain Esteban Paredes, for example, he already shared in the past. For now, the decision is in the hands of the concessionaire.

The great advantage of Felipe Flores is that he meets the requirements to change clubs. This, because in Antofagasta he has played 167 minutes. The regulation prohibits it only to those who disputed more than 360. A group of principals does not rule out the option, considering that injuries constantly hit the squad and more variants are needed, they say.

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