The former husband of the singer Pelageya married the daughter of a millionaire. Photo, video

Hockey player Ivan Telegin and his chosen one Maria Gonchar got married in one of the Moscow region registry offices.

Ivan Telegin and Maria Gonchar. Photo:

Ex-husband singers of Pelagia Ivan Telegin, after a divorce from the vocalist, quickly established his personal life. Not so long ago, the hockey player made an offer to his chosen one, the daughter of the millionaire Maria Gonchar.

And this Sunday, the couple became husband and wife, having entered into an official marriage in one of the registry offices of the Moscow region.

The bride of Ivan Telegin appeared at the celebration in a dress of the color of splashes of champagne and a length above the knees. In her hands, the newlywed held a modest bouquet of white calla lilies.

Ivan Telegin and Maria Gonchar on their wedding day
Ivan Telegin and Maria Gonchar on their wedding day. Photo:

Ivan Telegin and Maria Gonchar went to the registry office, surrounded by several friends. After painting, they celebrated the event by drinking champagne from paper cups. Another wedding tradition was followed – right at the door of the registry office, Maria Gonchar threw a bridal bouquet to her friends.

Bouquet of the bride Ivan Telegin
The bride’s bouquet. Photo:

Apparently, the newlyweds will organize a magnificent celebration a little later. Today it has already become a trend – not to combine in one day a trip to the registry office and a holiday with family and friends about this.

Recall that the romance of Ivan Telegin and Maria Gonchar began a couple of years ago. It was then that it became known about the discord in the family of Telegin and the singer Pelageya. The star couple filed for divorce less than a year ago, and now they continue to share property. The singer Pelageya and Ivan Telegin have a joint daughter Taisiya, who, after the divorce of her parents, lives with her mother.

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