The former participant of Matter of weight who had more than 30 surgeries on his face: “Now I am prettier than Ricky Martin”

Fran Mariano revealed that he had 30 surgeries to look like Ricky Martin (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine)

Francisco Ibanezbetter known as Fran Marianorose to fame for the first time with his role as “El fan de Graciela Alfano” in the tribune of ShowMatch, many years ago. On that occasion, and in the middle of a crossroads, he had been Moria Casan who told “go to Matter of weight. So, he did not hesitate and did it: in fact, he had a successful time on that reality show, where he lost more than 90 kilos.

The truth is that, after a time without appearing on screen, this Tuesday he was invited to very morningthe program that Carmen Barbieri leads by Ciudad Magazine, where he recounted in detail the 30 surgeries he had done to look like Ricky Martin. “I did my nose, chin, lips… I want to look like Ricky Martin, but the truth is that I was prettier than him”he joked. Then, the driver asked her why she wanted to look like the singer. “Because of the sense of belonging that we all have. And at that time she didn’t have the distinction of saying ‘I have to be me at my best’. I thought about who everyone likes and it’s true that people told me that I kind of resembled them. So I believed her”, he explained.

In any case, he clarified: “I fell into very dangerous hands. I had operations with a well-known surgeonHannibal Lotocki. In fact I have a little paralysis because I broke a nerve when I went to have surgery on my nose and chin”. And he detailed: “I remember that he told me that he would put cheekbones on me and I said ‘do you think so?’ He told me ‘I’ll inject you with physiological water and see how it turns out for you, if you don’t like it, tell me’. When he put it on me, I told him I didn’t like it, but he got me up from the operation and had put cheekbones on me. It’s crazy, but I didn’t sign anything because it was a swap.”

Fran Mariano also recounted the malpractice that they did to him in some surgeries

Then, he also revealed that the surgeon also tried to fill out his buttocks. “Within my cloud, I said ‘no, no’, because I always had an ideal of trying to be as natural as possible”. And he referred to his cheekbone operation again: “What he did was loosen the furrows on my face to smooth them out, according to him, and one day I told him I couldn’t move my face. The nurse comes and he told me ‘when I was doing the lipo, he took a nerve’”.

I have the scars, you can see them, and I had so many problems later that I met another doctor, who was the one who took care of all this time to help me rebuild everything wrong that he had done to me.. He had to remove my lips recently, “he continued commenting. And she closed: “I was 21 years old, I had lost my mother two months ago, I was in a very sad moment of my life. And I fell into the hands of a man who also created the need for me, because he gave me hope and this feeling of feeling better, because I had lost 90 kilos, was ‘well, do what you want to me’”.

This is how Fran looked before entering “Question of Weight”

In October, Fran had been interviewed by Gaston Pauls for be freewhere he had counted the violence exerted by his father for his sexual choice. “I have scars on my body from the blows I received. I was always gay since I was a child and that was his greatest torture. I will never forget one day that he found me, I was doing my sister’s hair, and he grabbed a clothes iron and broke it on my head”he had recounted.


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