The founder of Shadow launches a start-up to create “the Fortnite of education” – News

After leaving Shadow a few months ago, Emmanuel Freund, accompanied by former colleagues, launches PowerZ, a company which aims to create a new virtual open world dedicated to education. The goal: to give the youngest the opportunity to learn math, code or astronomy, while evolving in a virtual world.

After launching the PC in the Shadow cloud, via his company Blade, Emmanuel Freund gave himself a new goal: bring fun to education, by launching an online video game capable of teaching different subjects. Hence the creation of PowerZ, an ambitious project which should arrive in alpha version at the beginning of 2021. The idea is there, but remains for the moment very abstract: Emmanuel Freund tells us to want create an open world at the crossroads of Animal Crossing, Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft, where each quest would allow training on subjects as diverse as mathematics, programming, poetry or astronomy. Each player / student will be followed by an artificial intelligence, which will adapt the exercises according to the level, strengths and shortcomings of each. The title should be developed with the Unreal Engine, even if the team does not refrain from switching to Unity depending on the development profiles recruited.

3 million euros already raised

Still in an embryonic state, the PowerZ project is above all, for the moment, looking for funding. Good news : the very young company announces that it has raised 3 million euros from various entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. There are known “business angels” (Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, founder of PriceMinister, Michaël Benabou, co-founder of Veepee ex-Vente-Privé or Octave Klaba, founder of OVHcloud), but also actors from the publishing industry. and education like Hachette. On the video game side, Emmanuel Freund tells us that Romain de Waubert, co-founder and creative director of Amplitude (Endless Space), has also invested in the project.

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