The founder of Who’s the boss ?! launches an app that evaluates and tracks products

Do you like the Yuka application, which allows you to scan food products for nutritional information? So you will surely love the free “consumer app” launched this Wednesday by Nicolas Chabanne, founder of the brand C’est qui l’patron ?!. It not only provides a wealth of information on a particular product (nutritional quality, origin, impact on the environment, price positioning, nutriscore, etc.), but also to know if the company that manufactures it is transparent and if it shares its gains in solidarity initiatives. This ambitious project will not fail to please, at a minimum, the 16.2 million French people who already approve of the C’est qui l’patron?! Brand, by buying milk, butter, flour, and other yogurts produced according to a notebook. charges decreed by consumers themselves, and which remunerates producers at a fair price.

How it works ? Before scanning your products, you must note seven criteria (from 1 to 10), depending on the importance you attach to them: the quality of the product, its price, its impact on the environment, its origin, its nutritional value, fairness and animal welfare, or the opinion of other Internet users. The same scanned product will therefore give a different percentage of “compatibility with my expectations”, depending on the criteria you have chosen as priorities.

The result is quite impressive. Thanks to the painstaking work of collecting data on each product, I discovered at first glance, for example, that Carrefour organic green lentils come from Canada, that if their nutritional score is high (9.1 / 10), the price is less attractive (4.4 / 10), because this product is “relatively expensive”. While the green lentils from France are still from Carrefour, but not organic, they are more compatible with my expectations.

Manufacturer transparency in the viewfinder

Another test: for the Barilla farfalles, the wheat semolina “comes from an unknown place”, and if its quality is correct (9/10), its impact on the environment justifies a poor rating (5.8 / 10 ), since “this product has traveled 1300 kilometers from its place of manufacture” to reach Paris.

“Instantly, you see which products suit you or not and, above all, the app offers you other products which better meet your expectations”, enthuses Nicolas Chabanne. The one who carries high Who is the boss ?! since the marketing of its first fair-trade milk just four years ago, has been convinced of this: through their choices, consumers can influence production methods. By plebisciting articles. Or by sulking them. “We send messages to manufacturers,” he summarizes.

The app, which may be called “What is this product?” ‘In a few days when Internet users have spoken, will judge not only the products, but also the manufacturers. Next to the name of a producer, a small green, orange or red eye will tell if the company concerned has agreed to share its manufacturing data and if it has opened its doors to the 10,000 members of C’est qui l ‘ boss ?! “Ready to give of their time to visit them”, explains Nicolas Chabanne. It gives itself one year to rate manufacturers against this transparency criterion.

Nestlé and CDiscount add funds to the Covid-19 solidarity fund

Not long ago, Nicolas Chabanne challenged the giant Amazon on Twitter: “We, the brand C’est qui l’patron?!, Donated 300,000 euros to our solidarity fund. (Editor’s note: intended to help victims of Covid-19), Amazon, you too, can you donate something too? “The answer did not come from Amazon, but … from its French competitor, CDiscount, which has just decided to pay 100,000 euros of purchases made in its” made in France “area to this solidarity fund – which has exceeded one million euros – in order to help small businesses. On the food or supermarket side, after Panzani or Carrefour in the spring, it is according to our information the giant Nestlé which has just taken a step: it will henceforth donate 1 cent per box of Chocopic or Fitness purchased from this solidarity fund. 70 volunteers validate the aids allocated by this fund, sometimes in the space of 48 short hours.

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