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the four African selections still without a win

Photo taken during the Hungary-Slovakia match at the Women’s World Handball Championship on December 2, 2021 in Lliria, Spain. (illustrative image) MTVA – Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund

The 25th Women’s Handball World Championship, which is held in Spain from December 1 to 19, 2021, begins in pain for the four African selections involved. After the defeats Thursday of Congo against South Korea (37-23, group F) and Tunisia against Denmark (34-16, group F), then those of Friday of Angola against the French Olympic champions (30 -20, group A) and Cameroon against the Russian selection (40-18, group B), Tunisia lost this Saturday, December 4 narrowly against South Korea (31-29, group F), while the Congo was subjected to the law of Denmark (33-18, group F). Sunday, December 5, the Angolans challenge Montenegro and the Cameroonians will face the Serbs.


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