The four semi-finalist couples of Cantando 2020 met: which famous was eliminated

The four semi-finalist couples of Cantando 2020 met: which famous was eliminated

This Tuesday, by decision of the people, Dan Breitman was eliminated from Singing 2020 when facing Cachete Sierra in the telephone vote. The public’s favorite was the former Almost Angeles who won by 65.7 percent of the votes, against the 34.3 accumulated by actor, comedian and dancer.

In the duel where five couples were involved, after the surprise resignation of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez on Monday nights, the first couple saved by a split decision by the jury was the pair made up of Angela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta. Later, Karina, The Little Princess, announced that the couple of Rodrigo Tapari and Rocío Quiroz it was the second semifinalist. Meanwhile, Moria Casán was in charge of reporting the last couple saved, who gave the passport to the long-awaited semifinal: Tyago Griffo and Lissa Vera.

Next, Laurita Fernández and Ángel De Brito – drivers of the La Flia cycle – made the draw that defined how the confrontations will be in the semifinals. Depending on the choice of the packs, this Wednesday, Agustín Cachete Sierra and Inbal Comedi will compete against Tyago Griffo and Lissa Vera. While, on Thursday, Angela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta will meet with Rocío Quiroz and Rodrigo Tapari. Further, It was announced that the prize for the team that becomes the champion of Cantando 2020 will consist of half a million pesos.

Ángela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta are one of the four semi-finalist couples

Ángela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta are one of the four semi-finalist couples

During the gala there was no lack of emotions. Karina, The Little Princess, and Angela Leiva began to cry together. The Cantando jury and the artist surprised with an exciting round trip. “I was on the track, I know what it is. Both Cachete and the professionals, we understand what they feel. What they put in to get here. They all put their hearts on, but they put on the show. Bria, a terrible evolution “Karina remarked.

“I am very grateful for the things that happened to us with Angela. Being able to respect each other as artists and as people. And all these people, to be able to prioritize this: as singers and as women, I wish them the best ”, added La Princesita. “The finishing touch this year was having talked to you. I apologize again. I was having a hard time too. Thank you, Karina “Angela returned.

There was also the return of Rocío Quiroz after the damage to her house by the storm. “I want to thank you all for your words and messages. Also to all the people who wrote to me and called me worried. We wanted to finish our house, the material comes and goes, “said the tropical singer.

“That is highly valued, I am a very humble person, I am how they see me. People cared a lot about me, and that is important ”, added the artist. “Moria offered to build you the house, she is not going to say it,” remarked Ángel de Brito. “When I saw you, I already wanted you in my house. Today a great friend contacted me and donated a million pesos in construction materials that are going to be sent to Chascomús ”, the jury informed Rocío Quiroz.


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