The four winners of Azzaro’s final departure from Al Ahly

The decision to leave Morocco’s Walid Azzaro, the striker of the loaned team to the Saudi Al-Ittifaq club, gives the kiss of life to a number of loaned Al-Ahly players this season, especially since their chance to represent Al-Ahly if Azzaro returns remains very small..

Walid Azzaro left for the Saudi agreement last January for a period of six months on loan, but Swiss coach Rennes Feiler refused to return to the team after the loan was over..

Azzaro has participated in 7 games with Al-Ittifaq, scoring 3 goals and making one, since moving on loan last January.

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The Moroccan striker received several offers from Gulf and European clubs from France and Belgium, and the Moroccan striker prefers between these offers to choose the best, taking advantage of the stopping of sports activity globally due to the “pandemic” Corona.

Although more than one official in Al-Ahly wishes to recover Walid Azzaro after the end of the loan at the end of the current season, the team’s technical director has a different view of these and refuses to return the Moroccan striker on the pretext that his playing method does not fit Al-Ahly and his game plan, and Vyler announced that he does not need Azaru so you wish Al-Ahly’s administration continues to borrow Azaru externally through a contract that does not include any loopholes that allow competing clubs for Al-Ahly to join the player without managing the Red Castle.

Super Koura monitors the most prominent players winning from the departure of Azzaro from Al Ahly by the end of this season in Next report..


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