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At least 21 hydroalcoholic solutions and gels out of 162 tested by the DGCCRF do not contain enough alcohol, and therefore are useless against the coronavirus.

Hand washing with soap and water or, failing that, hydroalcoholic gel is one of the first barrier actions that have been recommended in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. The gel must still be effective!

This is not the case if the coveted product has an insufficient alcohol content to have any disinfecting action.

A hydroalcoholic gel must contain at least 60% ethanol, propan-1-ol or propan-2-ol.

“The name of the alcohol used in the product as well as its concentration must be specified on the labeling”

However, the results of the tests of 162 hydroalcoholic solutions or gel out of the 180 that the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control) decided to monitor are worrying: 13% of these products do not contain enough of alcohol to pretend to disinfect anything! In other words, have been used for nothing for months by consumers who think they are protecting themselves from Covid-19.

“Dangerous” products

The results of the analyzes published this Wednesday, November 18 by the Repression of Fraud raise other problems.

36 products, ie 22%, were declared “non-compliant and dangerous due to labeling minimizing the dangers presented by these products (mainly the danger of their flammability)”.

38% of these hydroalcoholic gels (61 products) are considered “non-compliant” due to incomplete or incorrect labeling.

If we add up, 73% of “special Covid” hand sanitizers analyzed by the Fraud Control Department do not meet standards. Do not panic, this is not a percentage of the products on the market, but targeted gels because they are likely to “reveal dangers”.

The DGCCRF, and even Europe, have launched withdrawal or recall procedures. Consumers are nevertheless invited to check the labels carefully and in general to keep in mind that hydroalcoholic gel is a chemical product (biocide) whose use requires certain precautions.

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