The free expansion for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is coming


You can tell that Christmas is coming, and those of Capcom have it clear, since they revealed the next free contents of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can obtain these from next November 24 in a new DLC containing new quests and creatures

Here we leave you the list of contents of the third hot DLC:

-New monsters: New Elder Dragons and an empowered monster: Chaotic Gore Magala, Risen Teostra, Risen Kushala Daora

-Anomaly Search Missions: New monsters including Kushala Risen Daora. A7 missions are now available and Anomaly investigations now go to level 200.

-Risen Elder Dragons research quests.

-New designs for weapons and armor: Inspired by some creatures from the video game.

-Paid content: Voices, armor, stickers, OST and various cool things like weapons with chibi-style monsters.

-New event quests: We will have rewards such as materials, poses and the odd surprise.

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