the free streaming platform for the company’s smart TVs starts with 21 channels

Samsung TV Plus, the platform for streaming free from manufacturer, exclusively for your smart TVs. Upon landing in the country, it offers 21 channels with varied content, all completely free.

It is important to mention that Samsung TV Plus will only be available for smart TVs from 2018 onwards. The new platform arrives in the form of an automatic update that, in fact, has already started its rollout in the country. In the Xataka Mexico team we have received the update that adds Samsung TV Plus to the home screen.

Varied content for all tastes

In addition to being a completely free content platform, Samsung TV Plus no need for account creation or card integration to useexplains Samsung. Access to all content on the platform is immediate, after the installation of the corresponding update. On new Samsung TV models, the application will be pre-installed at the factory.

Samsung Tv Plus Now Available Mexico The update that integrates Samsung TV Plus to the manufacturer’s smart TVs is now available

Initially, Samsung TV Plus offers 21 channels in Mexico: Tastemade, Bloomberg Television, Euronews, Flash TV, Pongalo Novela Club, The Pet Collective, BCC Gaming, Fail Army, Saber Más, Hard Knocks, Qwest TV, Runtime, MyTime Movie Network, Tu Cine, Cine Sureño, Insight TV, Stingray Naturescape, Demand Africa, Chiquilines, InWonder, People Are Awesome y WeatherSpy.

Important detail to mention is that some of these channels have ads. On the other hand, Samsung promises that more channels will continue to be added to the platform on a regular basis.

In other countries where Samsung TV Plus has been present for a longer time, offers more than 40 channels with free content. In this regard, the platform has been active for three years and has managed to reach 13 countries: the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, and now Mexico.

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