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The security cameras installed in the home of the poultry entrepreneur revealed the moments of terror that the 32-year-old woman experienced when she was stabbed by her ex-partner, (39), against whom the Judiciary issued nine months of preventive detention last Wednesday for the alleged crime of aggravated femicide.

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According to the pictures, Lucano Llanos entered the home of the victim, located in the district of Guadalupe (Pacasmayo), at 1:10 am on Sunday, July 18. First he goes to the kitchen to get the knife with which he would commit the crime and then goes up to the room of their eldest daughter. However, after not finding his ex-partner, he moves to another room.

In this other environment, Lucano found Díaz with his current partner (Jorge Colchado Malca) and first stabbed him several times. Later, he escapes injured and leaves Fiorela alone with the aggressor. The attack on the woman lasted less than 25 seconds, according to the images. “It is clear that there is premeditation to attack the victim. Unfortunately, he received 39 stab wounds, ”said the lawyer for the victim’s family, Juan Alvarado Espinoza.

The lawyer added that it is also being investigated whether the alleged femicide received help “from someone close to the lady” to enter the victim’s home.

“The plates were changed a week ago and he entered it without much effort. Apparently they gave him the keys [para que pueda ingresar]”, Held.

In the videos also show that Jorge Colchado returns to the house accompanied by another person to help the businesswoman, but the alleged femicide had already left the place.

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For the lawyer Juan Alvarado, these images have become reliable evidence of what happened that morning last Sunday.

“The cameras have registered all the movements of the accused”, he emphasized.


Killer of a businesswoman in the Trujillo prison
Elmer Lucano Llanos, accused of the crime of aggravated femicide against his ex-partner, Fiorela Díaz Díaz, was admitted this afternoon in the El Milagro de Trujillo prison, after receiving nine months of preventive detention.


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