The French are not ready to make radical changes to preserve the planet

Today, even as a “sudden stratospheric warming” causes a freezing winter, due to thepolar vortex spacing from the North Pole, it is easier to begin to question the uses that have led the planet to this level of global warming, which is now irreversible. A recent report from the European Investment Bank looked not only at people’s perceptions of the climate emergency, but also at the efforts they are prepared to make to delay the effects of emissions on the environment. . The observation is clear: the French are not ready to make radical changes to save the planet.

Like the rest of Europeans, the French prefer to avoid planes (which are currently stationary), rather than change other habits

To fight climate change, would you rather give up air travel, meat, shopping for clothes every season, video streaming services or your car? For 40% of French people and Europeans, it would be easier to give up planes according to the survey by the European Investment Bank.
In the different countries surveyed, the vast majority of respondents believe that it would be easier to give up taking planes to fight climate change (40% for Europeans, 38% for Americans and 43% for Chinese). This figure is even higher in Poland (46%), the Czech Republic (48%), Hungary (48%), Slovakia (48%) and Croatia (51%). But beware, this response is biased: it can be explained by the current context of border closures and flight restrictions to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. While it is already complicated to travel by plane, it is easy to imagine doing without this means of transport to reduce our Co2 emissions. This position may change radically once the pandemic has passed …
Currently, the participants in the survey are ready to make efforts in terms of transport, to protect the planet, but also to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 75% of Americans, 71% of Chinese and 67% of Europeans say they are less inclined to use public transport because they are worried about their health due to the covid pandemic19.
What if we questioned other equally polluting uses? 18% of Europeans say giving up video streaming would be the easiest option, 16% think giving up meat would be easier, 15% say giving up new clothes would be the easiest option while 11 % believe that giving up their car is the easiest choice to make in the fight against climate change.
The most difficult effort, according to this survey, would be to do without your car, especially for people living in rural areas.

The French are the least radical when it comes to changing habits

Only 12% of French people surveyed (especially parents of children under 18 and city dwellers) say they are making radical changes in their lifestyle to fight climate change, which is a lower percentage than the European average which is 19%.
Once travel restrictions linked to COVID-19 are lifted, up to 24% of French people will resume their air travel as they did before the pandemic. On the other hand, 32% of French people will avoid planes from now on.

Will these individual changes really have an impact?

Can our individual behavior make a real difference in the fight against climate change? Most people around the world think so. 72% of Europeans and Americans, and 84% of Chinese believe that their own behavior has an impact.

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