The French Government discusses back to school and work with mayors, businessmen and unions

Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister, Head of Government, and Jean Castex, the “Mr. Disconfidence”, begin this Thursday a process of dialogue with mayors, businessmen and unions, to clarify and seek the best practical formulas for the new phase of confinement that should begin on the 11th of this month of May.

Castex is responsible for the overall coordination of the deconfining process. Philippe is responsible for the specific decisions that all public administrations must make at all levels.

With the representatives of the mayors from all over France, the Philippe – Castex couple should point out the specific details of the return to schools and kindergartens, which parents may or may not apply, according to their wishes and possibilities.

The agreement between the Government and the mayors will also pass through the Prefects, the governmental authority in departments and regions.

After the debate with all the national political forces, and the parliamentary approval of the project of national lack of confidence, Emmanuel Macron, president, has wished that his Government consult his projects with the employers and the unions, on the eve of May 1.

Large, medium and small entrepreneurs will be able to present their complaints, reservations and wishes. The trade union centrals, for their part, will be able to present their own positions, given the process of slow return to work throughout France. The Ministry of Labor will attempt a synthesis between its own ideas, business and union reserves and proposals.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, for his part, declared: “It is necessary that a maximum of French people return to work, respecting all health principles, of course.” .

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