the French now mostly in favor of the vaccine

SURVEY – The desire to be vaccinated is the strongest among the most vulnerable French people in the face of the virus.

The vaccination campaign is gaining ground, as is consent to the injection. A majority of French people (56%) now want to be protected against Covid-19, according to an Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for Le Figaro and Franceinfo. A clear increase (+ 14 points) compared to the pre-Christmas period. In the meantime, the first vaccinations have been carried out in France. And the government has accelerated its strategy by stages, criticized for its slowness by the oppositions, but also by the French – 81% of them believe that the vaccination is not completed in the country.

The rise of a “Supply policy” Explain “Likely” the reversal of public opinion, according to the president of Odoxa, Gaël Sliman. “The doubts faded from the moment when vaccination was concretely implemented in France, and where it has proven itself on millions of people around the world, he says. It was therefore not necessary to wait for a majority of French people to be for the vaccination to implement it, on the contrary. ”

Fight against mistrust

Among French people still reluctant to take the anti-Covid-19 bite, nearly one in four (23%) cites the proliferation of vaccinations around them as the strongest incentive. A need for more time and more explanations is mentioned by most refractories (27%).

To fight against mistrust, the Prime Minister again presented vaccination as a means “To hope for a gradual exit” of the crisis “By next summer”, at his weekly press conference on Thursday.

The desire to be vaccinated is strongest among the French people most vulnerable to the virus: those over 65 (77%) and over 75 (86%). Among the other categories of the population, men (66%) are more flexible than women (51%), city dwellers (60%) than those in the countryside (47%), and managers (66%) than workers (58%).

The supporters of La République en Marche remain the most voluntary (80%), unlike the supporters of the National Rally (35%), while Marine Le Pen said “Ready” to get vaccinated last Saturday.

As for the introduction of a “vaccine passport” – which would limit access to restaurants, cafes and places of culture to vaccinated people – a proposal put forward by the center-right UDI party, it was rejected by a majority of French people ( 56%). The Minister of Transport also opposed it, refusing to “Compartmentalize the population”.

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