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T.Cuny, D.Lachaud, G.Sabin, F.Daireaux, P.Bouvier

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This summer, the French want to go on vacation and plan to spend more than usual. A need to ventilate at all costs.

To please yourself, and be less careful about spending: after more than a year of health crisis this year, many French people plan to take advantage of more of their summer vacation than usual. “We have been saving for a year so obviously the money we have saved, that inflates the envelope“, remarks a future vacationer.”Activities, accommodation a little more upscale, it could also be the little ice cream that we refuse a little less easily …“, explains another.

A three-star hotel in Brittany is already receiving his first reservations for the summer period. The manager notes it: customer habits have changed. The stays are especially significantly longer, and guests tend to switch to more upscale rooms.

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