News The full body training Alexandra Pereira does with Crys...

The full body training Alexandra Pereira does with Crys Díaz


If you are an active person on Instagram and you follow a high percentage of influencers you will see that, in their busy schedule, it seems impossible that they make room for sports, and although genetics has a lot to do, it is obvious that they pass through the gym … The secret, according to personal trainer Miguel Ángel Peinado, is to schedule workouts as a more daily task, and not skip it except in cases that are required. And Alexandra Pereira, the Spanish businesswoman with almost two million followers on Instagram, seems to comply with it.

Crys Díaz is the architect of this being so. The personal trainer of celebrities such as Blanca Suárez, Aitana Ocaña or Laura Escanes, and author of the book “Activate and change your life” is responsible for Alexandra Pereira being one of the queens of social networks with the most sculpted body of everybody. Its tactic is simple: it requires each customer first what he can give, to later ask for higher ranks. «Personal trainers have to convince them that they have to fulfill their intentions and make them see that it is possible to achieve it. You have to set small short and long term goals and go little by little for more, ”says the expert.

Alexandra Pereira’s training
With pilates balls, dumbbells or on a Waff platform. Alexandra Pereira practices any exercise and almost always accompanied by material, to increase the difficulty. In the Crys Dyaz & Co gym, the influencer tones your legs, buttocks and abdomen thanks to the irons and squats, mainly.

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Alexandra Pereira performing an iron with leg contraction –
Sports perseverance above all
Like Alexandra Pereira, Crys Díaz has other social media and television stars in her gym. «The VIPs are the voice that gives us visibility in the press and social networks and with Alexandra I have been working for six years now. We have evolved according to the objectives of each moment, and we have also managed to improve their quality of life and routines, because with the pace they have of travel, time changes, eating in different places, complicates the fact that they remain constants But little by little we have improved his posture. ”Reveals the expert.

However, there is no travel or work that has prevented Alexandra Pereira from being one of the many lazy people in terms of sport. Crys Díaz, an elite physiotherapist and former sportsman has helped. «The body composition is much better since she is a very thin girl, but she already has much more muscle and less fat. He has improved in his aerobic capacity, his feeding and his energy at the time of carrying out his work. Now she has a much more ‘fit’ abdomen, very toned legs and she is and looks much better.

The trainer reveals that when Alexandra, also known as Lovely Pepa, is in Madrid, they make a training plan every month, knowing the trips and work commitments. When she is outside, it seems that the expert sends her routines and always chooses hotels where there is a gym to keep that dynamic. “Alexandra is very constant and a person with a lot of willpower and thanks to that she has achieved everything she already has,” says Crys Díaz. .


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