Sport The fun exit of Lopetegui when asked about the...

The fun exit of Lopetegui when asked about the sexual relations of his players


The coach of Seville, Julen Lopetegui, said they are “with the maximum ambition” to be measured this Thursday in the return of the round of 16 of the Europa League to the Cluj, which they will receive in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán with the positive 1- 1 a week ago, but that should not make them fall in confidence before a “more dangerous” rival as a visitor.

«This is a game in which we play whether or not to continue in a competition that makes us very excited and therefore we have the maximum ambition, being aware of the difficulty of a rival who is more dangerous at home than at home. We have to be prepared to make a great game and respond, ”Lopetegui said at a press conference.

«The Cluj has very good players in the Romanian team and others we know well from other leagues, and a coach who is the leader of the project and who has his team very well trained. All that makes them competitive in their league and in the Europa League, ”said Lopetegui.

Among the different issues that the press posed to the Sevilla coach, one was surprised about the possible control of the sexual relations of his football players, an issue that the coach knew how to close with a certain grace: «I don’t control mine, so …»

Finally, the former selector said that they are only thinking “to make a great game with the illusion of giving the fans a joy” and that they should move away from euphoria and sadness. “We try not to fall apart or come up, we intend to be balanced for what comes to us,” he said. .


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