The funny hot revelation of Turco García when they asked him “how tall”: “You listen to what you want”

After breaking it into MasterChef Celebrity, where all participants cried for their elimination, the Turkish Garcia became one of the most requested characters by the media and this Wednesday made the entire panel of The Mammons. With his usual good humor, the ex-footballer answered questions from Jey Mammon and surprised the driver when he said “your measure.”

El Turco came to the studio at full speed and right from the start he affirmed that he is a “metrosexual” as he sat next to the fearsome “Norberto bear”. “How much do you measure?” Jey asked him, surprised by how tall the ex-footballer looks in person.

“26 (for four)”, answered the Turk and made everyone present laugh. “I said five foot six, what did you understand? You listen to what you want, “retructed the guest, rogue. Furthermore, the driver was compared to “Fixed Pinion”For the unusual fame he obtained among the youngest as a result of his participation in reality.


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