The funny idea this man had when he injected himself with hallucinogenic fungus into his veins

The case of a man in his thirties who ended up in the emergency room after having the bad idea of ​​injecting himself with hallucinogenic mushroom tea into his veins was recently described in Journal of the Psychiatry Consulting-Liaison Academy.

And it was apparently a very bad idea, because according to informations, fungus grew in his blood. This led him to the hospital for 22 days, including 8 in the intensive care unit where he was treated for multisystem organ failure.

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Fortunately, the individual survived, although he must now remain on long-term antibiotic and antifungal treatment.

An individual who had serious mental problems

According to reports, the man, diagnosed with bipolar I disorder, had recently stopped taking his prescribed medication and has gone from depression to manic.

He then obtained hallucinogenic mushrooms after having documented the therapeutic effects of hallucinogens such as LSD and psilocybin. To concoct his shoot, he poured boiling water over the mushrooms to obtain an infusion that he filtered with a cotton swab before injecting it into his veins.

His family took him to the emergency room a few days later with lethargy, nausea and jaundice, followed by diarrhea and vomiting blood. He seemed very confused and could not participate in any medical interview.

He was then transferred to the ICU for septic shock and multiple organ deterioration, affecting his kidneys, liver and lungs. Clots apparently formed in his blood and the blood culture showed a bacterial infection. Brevibacillus and a fungal infection Psilocybe cubensis. The injected fungus probably grew in his blood.

He was therefore placed on a ventilator following acute respiratory failure and treated with antibiotics and antifungals. He has since been released from the hospital and his condition is stable.

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But what is psilocybin anyway?

For information, psilocybin is a natural psychedelic compound produced by over 200 species of fungi, including Psilocybe cubensis, the fungus that the individual used for his infusion. If given in safe doses, it can have an antidepressant, anxiolytic effect, and can help treat drug addiction.

Precisely, it is often administered orally, but also exists in injectable form, the administration of which is done in controlled doses under medical supervision. Some recreational drug lovers therefore drink a mushroom infusion, consume them raw or dried, in capsules or coated with chocolate, but do not inject them. never directly in the veins.

It should also be noted that its medical use is not yet authorized currently in the United States although several American cities have decriminalized it in 2020. Rightly, the experts underline in their report concerning this incident the need to educate the public on the dangers of the consumption of drugs or of this kind. a very dangerous practice after all.


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