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The funny reason Kim Jong-un banned leather

Lhe crackdown in Pyongyang has struck again. His latest attack is a fashion affair: leather coats are the new victims of Kim Jong-un’s censorship. On Wednesday, November 24, the private station Radio Free Asia echoed a strange message from the authorities in North Korea, reported by Release.

Quoted by the media funded by the Congress of the United States and broadcasting in nine Asian languages, the North Korean police revealed that “to wear clothes to look like The Highest Dignity [Kim Jong-un, NDLR] is an impure tendency to want to challenge the authority of The Highest Dignity, it orders the population not to wear leather coats, because it is up to the party to decide who can wear them ”.

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The leather reserved for Kim Jong-un

This piece of clothing is now prohibited for sale, on pain of reprisals for sellers, and for purchase. With the right to confiscate the overcoats of residents, Korean police are reportedly actively cracking down. In North Korea, it is better not to break the strict rules and accept the conditioning, as one man learned in spite of himself: he was executed for having introduced a USB stick containing episodes of the series Squid Game.

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un appeared, for the first time, wearing a black leather trench coat in 2019. Packed with clothing, the North Koreans, and particularly the wealthy, wanted to imitate the controversial leader. An approach that has obviously not been appreciated by their leader. Like skinny jeans, crop top or mule cut, considered deviations from the West, the leather coat joins the list of fashion elements banned from the territory.

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