Sport The funny vindication of Pablo Laso after winning his...

The funny vindication of Pablo Laso after winning his sixth Copa del Rey


Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso congratulated himself on “a magnificent weekend in many aspects”, while it was taken with humor to have surpassed with his sixth Copa del Rey the five achieved by Aito García Reneses, whom he considers « a reference to all levels ».

«All my staff has been magnificent, without these people the title would not have come. I have seen players who were not to play going out on the field and give everything, that makes me very proud, speaks very well of the group. I am very happy with how we were able to compete all three days, ”said Laso.

The coach took humorous doubts about the team in recent weeks. «Do you remember when we lost against Joventut? They were crazy years and it was 15 days ago. We already had a laugh. We are immersed in such a demanding calendar that it is often very difficult to maintain the competitive level one hundred percent every day. As a coach I get fucked because I would like my team to play every day well, but it is difficult, ”he acknowledged.

Asked by García Reneses, who exceeds in the medal list, he pointed out as «a reference to all levels. I was on the Aito campus when I was a kid and had two hours giving me long passes. 15 days ago I played against him and that speaks very well of him. So this sixth Cup speaks very well of me, pussy (laughs). But Pablo Laso does not win, the group, the players, the club and the fans win. The figure tells me nothing special. If not the best, Aito is one of the best coaches there has been in this country, ”he surrendered.

In addition, the Vitorian extended his praises to two veteran players of the team such as Felipe Reyes and Jayce Carroll. «I had no doubt that Felipe would play well. It comes from a very complicated season in which he has had bad luck with injuries. I lived it as a player: as you get older, it is getting harder and harder to catch up. It is not a criticism because it is very young yet. Your job to help the team is always commendable. Felipe deserved a tournament like this, that people value him for his career, ”he said.

As for the American, author of 20 points in the final, he stressed that “if there is a ball in the last second” everyone in his team would give it to him “knowing that he is going to throw and will put it”. «It is human, you can be fined for not putting the parking ticket, but we never doubt your professionalism. He has always known to be important to us and we always value that aspect of him, ”he concluded. .


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