The future of Hong Kong, an essential question for London and for all Western countries

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Hong Kong, semi-autonomous territory of China, is now under strict and hard control of Beijing. Tensions extend well beyond the Chinese domestic scene, and the future of Hong-Kong has already provoked a major international, diplomatic crisis for the moment, but until when.

The Chinese authorities suggest that they have taken matters into their own hands to allow Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous territory, to regain calm and calm. For Westerners but also for Hong Kongers, Beijing has shown its true face, that of a totalitarian country. Since the beginning of July, the national security law, adopted by Beijing, has been the focus of all criticism.

A liberticide law denounced by citizens and western countries

Hong Kongers denounce this liberticide law, allowing law enforcement and security services (now based in Hong Kong itself) to be able to order searches but also confiscations outside of all control rules, and this when there are ” exceptional circumstances ».

Citizen surveillance is deployed on a large scale, and even the web giants, like Google, Twitter and Facebook, may have to leave the territory. The international community harshly condemns the totalitarian and authoritarian drift from China vis-à-vis the former British colony.

London, a new promised land for Hong Kongers?

Even more concerned, the British are considering a response to match Chinese bravado. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said declared studied the implementation of a ” path to British nationality ”. Allowing Hong Kongers who wish to take refuge in Great Britain is an extreme irritant to the Chinese government.

The tensions crystallize, and the drifts are becoming more and more numerous. The change in position of the British government regarding Chinese company Huawei (London is now opposed to the attribution of the 5G network to this Chinese company) is considered by Beijing as an intimidation measure, and China threatens to retaliate in turn.

The fate of Hong Kong is no longer a solely Chinese problem today, as the international repercussions seem to be unimaginable, and this escalation is a source of concern for Westerners.


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