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The future of medicine in the hands of AI: greater diagnostic accuracy than the doctors themselves | Technology

by archyde

The latest advances in artificial intelligence have managed, in several cases, to surpass traditional doctors when making diagnoses.

Artificial intelligence has many uses, in fact it is one of the biggest advancements in recent years. The almost infinite possibilities that it possesses make the different technological sectors have been interested in artificial intelligence.

One of these sectors is medicine and, although it seems that there is only technology in the devices that are used for operations or to detect different diseases, it also has a strong presence in diagnosis.

This presence is encouraged by its proper functioning, currently several of the artificial intelligences applied to medicine, they achieve a much higher success rate than doctors.

The examples found span various fields of medicine. The first would be the one that includes the study of childhood diseases. In China, an Artificial Intelligence capable of diagnosing rare diseases has been developed.

And, is that, rare diseases are extremely difficult for doctors to diagnose. Thanks to having access to 500,000 medical records, this artificial intelligence has generated a broad knowledge of rare diseases in infants.

Cancer is another field in which artificial intelligences find a way to serve the medical sector. The clear example is Biomind AI, a artificial intelligence developed in collaboration between a hospital and several universities, also Chinese.

Biomind AI has achieved a 90% success rate, although this figure becomes more relevant when compared with the percentages among which doctors move. And, is that, these are between 63% and 66%.

Of course, to achieve this they have had to train her for 10 years using an insane amount of images related to cancer. It is a fairly large milestone and one that represents an important advantage at the diagnostic level.

What is clear is that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and every time its uses are expanded or renewed. The medical field It is one of these uses and it may be one of the most important.

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