“The future opponent of CH had better watch out” – Jean Perron

The 2021 Montreal Canadiens have several similarities to the spring 1986 in the eyes of former head coach Jean Perron, who was behind the team bench at the time.

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This year, the Habs started the playoffs by being underestimated by their opponents, which did not prevent them from winning the final of the North section on Monday night, when the team was at home in front of 2,500 fans at the Bell Center . These resounding and recent victories for the CH, the fruit of the collaboration of all players, remind some of the team as it was in 1986 or 1993, when the Stanley Cup was brought back to Montreal.

For Perron, there are several parallels to be drawn between the current CH and the one he led to the cup in 1986: an excellent goalkeeper (Patrick Roy in 1986), a young coach behind the bench, veterans who support young players who are trusted. Is this the recipe for success?

Former head coach of the Canadian Jean Perron in 1986

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Former head coach of the Canadian Jean Perron in 1986

“It’s a team that bought the [Dominique] Ducharme, a first year coach who convinced his veterans to work well with youngsters. But Ducharme had guts. When he puts guys like [Tomas] Tatar aside, veterans to make room for young people, I am convinced that he should not sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at night, ”said Perron in an interview with LCN’s“ Québec Matin ”program. Tuesday.


The ex-instructor also maintains that the trios in place are very well balanced and everyone has managed to stand out. According to him, “young people are speed merchants” and veterans earn points. But above all, the success of the Habs goes through his goalkeeper.

“The teams that will face the Canadiens are also better to prepare, because we saw how Carey Price played in the head of the top scorers of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Winnipeg Jets. These guys weren’t celery stalks. They knew how to score goals. Price has completely muzzled them, ”said Perron.

The Canadian will face the Las Vegas Golden Knights or the Colorado Avalanche in the semifinals.


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