The game. Playstation or Xbox? The eternal duel in the world of consoles

The Xbox reason

Far from being a passion, buying an Xbox Series is seen more as a choice of reason. It shows by the way potential buyers talk about it.

What their
the machine

“It is not particularly what it offers, but all that surrounds it”, explains Nicolas Leberquier, a 42-year-old from Le Havre. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into developing an entire ecosystem. The Xbox Series makes it possible to play games from all old Xbox consoles since the first one, a monthly “gamepass” subscription allows you to enjoy several games without having to buy them individually. It is also possible to play the games of the console from another Microsoft medium: a computer of course, but also from a tablet or a phone. Fabrice Jouveaux, 18-year-old player, highlights the controller: “The controller is much more ergonomic than that of the PlayStation due to its larger size. “

How they
(are talking about it

With little passion. In the words of Nicolas Leberquier, we understand that it is above all a choice of reason if we opt for the Microsoft frame. Fabrice Jouveaux, he thinks that the Xbox Series suits him more. “The Xbox is a more“ adult ”console, because the PlayStation sells more than the Xbox, we inevitably find more communities of children on the first. » He also finds her ” more powerful “ in terms of performance delivered.

Their totems

Nicolas like Fabrice see in Forza Horizon, a racing simulation game, a reference. “Rare studio was acquired by Microsoft in 2002. If you are a fan of pirates, Sea of Thieves is very good from the same studio, but older. I played a lot with my daughter on Viva pinata. Less known, Sunset Overdrive also worth the detour “, explains Nicolas Leberquier.

Their weaknesses

For Fabrice, it’s the games. “The only quality I find in PlayStation is their exclusives. “ If many games are released on the two competing platforms, each publisher jealously keeps a few flagship licenses. Nicolas finds for his part that “For the moment, Microsoft’s offer is more attractive than Sony‘s offer”. But if ever the Japanese manufacturer aligns itself and offers services as well thought out for its ecosystem as what Microsoft does, then the question of changing sides will arise.

PlayStation passion

In this somewhat tribal war, fans of the PlayStation range are often the ones who have been playing the longest: indeed, the first PlayStation was released in September 1995 in Europe. Since then, they have stayed, out of habit and satisfaction.

How they recognize each other

Morgan, a driver in Bernay, remembers: « I got the PlayStation two or three years after it came out in 1994. I was seven or eight. Since then, I have never left this brand. My parents paid me the first two, then I bought the next two. It is unbeatable. » Same story for Jérôme, a 35-year-old caregiver, living in Le Havre: « I chose the PlayStation because I’ve been used to it from the first generation. »

They are talking

« For me the price-performance ratio is the best on the market, it’s a classic », says Morgan. For the Le Havre nursing assistant, « the design of the console and the handling of the controllers are the best ». Nicolas, logistics employee at Épretot, remembers « evenings with friends around something that is ultimately more than a console ».

Their greatest memories

« I love playing online with three or four friends, or even with other players that I don’t know. Since the release of PS3 in 2007, we’ve been playing online together a lot. We laugh a lot, and sometimes we get annoyed », Morgan recognizes, smiling. Mehdi, he remembers long evenings where he organized tournaments on Fifa (football game) and where he gathered his seven other friends to compete: « We laughed a lot, but the competitive aspect is palpable », testifies the student in Political Sciences.

Their totems

« I have always played a lot GTA as well as Fifa which is a safe bet, and Battlefield », continues the driver, from Eure. For Jérôme, the same classics keep coming back: « I played a lot GTA and to Fifa, especially in their first editions. When I was 11, on the PS1, I played Tomb Rider, Crash Bandicoot, Destruction derby final fantasy 7, Tekken »

Their cries
of war

For Morgan, the battle cry is often replaced by « grumpy little words ». For others, Norman rivalries come into play on Fifa : « When we play with my friends, we shout “Go Caen” ! As we are HAC supporters, it gets us back into the game », Nicolas jokes.

Their weaknesses

Morgan regrets that online gaming has become paid for when the PS4 is released: « It was 50 € per year then 60. Nevertheless the servers are of better quality. »

Bernay’s player was certain to buy the PS5: « I put aside for a few months to be able to offer it to myself », he said.


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