“The game will let me know when it’s time to quit”, in 2030 after an eighth MVP?

While everyone is currently worshiping Tom Brady, still NFL champion at over 43, the question arises as to whether other athletes can hold out for such a long time at such a level of competitiveness. A true cyborg of the circuit, LeBron James obviously did not escape questions about his longevity.

Who better than LeBron James to play the comparison game with Tom Brady? At over thirty-six, the King continues to rule the NBA and he could even add a new MVP to his personal wardrobe at the end of the season. The question that many people are now asking is: how long can BronBron keep up with such a rhythm? Real physical monster, the native of Akron does not seem dulled by his nine finals in ten years and he never takes a night’s rest. What to hope to see him stay at the top after his forty springs as the NFL legend? Asked by Mark Medina from USA Today, LeBron does not give himself a precise date for his end of career, but he prefers to avoid comparison.

“It’s really inspiring for someone like me. But these are two different sports, two different positions. I don’t know how much time I have left to play. I don’t know how much I can still give to this sport. We will see what happens. I don’t have a schedule like playing until thirty something or forty something. The game will let me know. “

We obviously wish LeBron James many years at the highest level, especially at the level he still is today. It is certain that to be able to reign in his sport at the age of forty is a feat of arms that would appeal to many high-level athletes but we must not forget either that each sport is different and that the efforts are not necessarily the same for all. (number of matches, playing time, more or less frequent contacts, recovery time etc …) As of today, nothing indicates that the King is going to give up but we can not wait to see how far he will be able to push the limits. He has just completed a titanic decade in terms of games and he already has eighteen seasons in the legs or almost. Succeeding in weighing so much at such an “advanced” age would be a small event for the world of the orange ball.. Few NBA players have really “dominated”, in the strict sense, over forty brooms. Jordan still had some very nice leftovers but he did not take Washington to the Playoffs for example. Tim Duncan was still a mainstay for Spurs but he would not have carried San Antonio to the end either in 2016. Most of the other four-riders had more modest roles and none took a team to the final or made them a title contender. by its mere presence. It is therefore a new challenge for a player who likes to challenge himself. Put it on the desk next to the career point pile.

LeBron James does not seem in a hurry to stop and that’s good! Compared to Tom Brady, the King does not wish to enter the game of comparisons but no doubt that a title after quarantine will not upset him. With his son as a lieutenant, for example?

Source texte : USA Today

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