Technology The Gathering and Grimjack, Joe Russo gives an update...

The Gathering and Grimjack, Joe Russo gives an update on the progress of projects


The Russo brothers never stop. In addition to announcing that they are working on three other unpublished projects, Joe Russo he also provided some small updates on two TV series in development: the animated series Magic: The Gathering and the live action of Grimjack.

Talking about the headlines on the Collider site, Russo would have said Magic: The Gathering that the project is still being written, but the animation will have a much longer preparation period than the live projects. So it’s hard to say when the series could land on Netflix, but the safest bet might be “not that early.”

Too Grimjack, then it would still be in the scripting phase, and it seems to be something really “fantastic,” suggesting, according to the site, that it has already been submitted for Amazon approval, so that the company can have a say.

Magic: The Gathering, also known as Italian, Magic: the meeting, is a collectible card game produced by Wizards of the Coast, which will collaborate in the realization of the animated series of Netflix with the Russo brothers.

Grimjack is rather a series of comics published in 1983 by First comics located in a post-apocalyptic Chicago.



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