“The Geld fireman, he must be good at everything!”

A team of “super firefighters” will soon see the light of day in Charleroi. A kind of commando or GIGN of the men of fire. If Captain Olivier Flémal, who commands the group, does not like to use these terms too much, that is nevertheless what it is. Grouped under the name Geld, for long-term exploration group, these firefighters will intervene in extreme conditions. A first in Belgium, launched in the Hainaut East rescue zone.

>> Here’s what kind of situations these “super firefighters” will intervene in.

>> The captain explains: “The Geld firefighter, he must be good at everything
! »

>> The volunteers had to exceed their limits to have a chance to take part in the adventure: “The objective is thatthey will be ready in six months. »

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