The Geminids are coming !: the most spectacular meteor shower of the year | Cuyo’s diary

A few days ago the shower of stars was visible, but next week there will be the possibility of enjoying this astrological phenomenon in its greatest display. An imposing spectacle, where 60 meteors per hour will be seen.

Until December 17 the Geminids will be producing this event, which will be visible from all over the world, but with greater clarity in the northern hemisphere. Many astronomers call them: “The mother of all showers”, because more meteors are seen per hour.

To be able to appreciate them well, you have to look for an open space, without light pollution: the lights of the city make it more difficult to distinguish the night sky. It is not necessary to use binoculars or telescopes, but you do have to give your eyes time to get used to the darkness, so that you begin to see the stars better. And, of course, expect good weather, and clear skies – clouds can ruin the whole show.

Ehe best time to see this meteor shower is during the night of Sunday, December 13 and Monday, December 14. And the peak with the highest frequency will be the 14th at 0: 48h UTC.

This astronomical event always occurs in mid-December, when the Earth’s orbit passes through a region with an abundance of remains of sand and dust from an asteroid. It is the 3200 Phaethon, a space rock 5 kilometers in diameter, which releases this debris as it passes through the inner planets of the Solar System.

When they come into contact with the atmosphere, these debris produce bright flashes, which are visualized as a shower of shooting stars, which travel the sky at 35 kilometers per second, and then disappear.


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