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there are 8 minutes and 46 secondsthat are changing the United States. 8 minutes and 46 seconds showing four police officers maltreat an African American in Minneapolis. 8 minutes and 46 seconds marking the agony of death George Floyd document, captured by smartphone by several bystanders, compiled by the “New York Times” into a short film of horror. Be “I can’t breathe” is something like the short text for turmoil.

An autopsy of the victim, commissioned by his family, showed yesterday evening: “Asphyxiation due to neck and back compression.” The brain was no longer supplied with blood, breathing was difficult. George Floyd’s death has been the subject of furious protests in the United States for days, causing last night in New York and many other major US cities Curfews – and exposes the errors of a world power in a frenzy.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. waves to protesters outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Error 1: An economic superpower can become strong social inequality afford, yes, it is part of the nature of an advancement society. Even the dangers of the corona virus, which raged especially in poorer neighborhoods in big cities like New York, Detroit or Chicago, showed the dangers of inequality for society. And now the Floyd protest, which sometimes drifts into violent orgies, illustrates the social question and the Racial discrimination like since the days of Malcolm X, Black panther and the murder Martin Luther Kings no more. While Donald Trump praises the sometimes violent protests in Hong Kong as a fight for freedom against the People’s Republic of China, he sees leftist radicals at work in the unrest in his own country, which he classifies as terrorists.

Error 2: The American nation is so strong that one too weak president don’t mind. Especially in exceptional situations like after the Martyrs of Minneapolis a prudent, balancing, de-escalating head of government would be needed. But in Washington sits Donald Trump, who according to the “Washington Post” 19,127 made false or misleading statements in 1226 days and went to the bunker for a short time on Saturday due to the protests outside the White House. And finally on Monday Governors asked for a crackdown by telephone conference; they would have to “dominate” the situation.

He later described himself as the “Law and Order President”. The answer from Houston’s chief of police Art Acevedo: “Please, if you have nothing constructive to say, shut up.” He is concerned, the well-known Australian political professor John Keane tells me that Trump has “institutionalized some elements of despotism in the United States”.

Error 3: Art that takes up the grievance of racial discrimination remains without consequences. Rather, they are films such as those from a master director Spike Leewho held up memories of police practices such as “neck restraint”, for example in “Do The Right Thing” (1989). Lee released the short film on Sunday “3 Brothers” with such violent scenes.

A few months ago, the US film also gave the atmosphere of latent aggression that can break out at any time “Queen & Slim” again – a road movie about a young African-American couple who is innocently involved in a deadly argument with a white policeman and is ultimately executed by a large battalion of law enforcement officers after a chase. Time for the most beautiful Martin Luther King quote: “The old principle, an eye for an eye, ultimately makes everyone blind.”

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the “Crew Dragon” space capsule

(Photo: AFP)

Error 4: The patriotism of the great deed makes riots at the base forgotten. According to Cape Canaveral Donald Trump had traveled to acclaim the first launch of a spaceship from American soil since 2011. But also the successful docking with the ISS space station on Sunday and the triumph of the SpaceX owner Elon Musk (“Hopefully the first step on the road to a civilization on Mars”) does not make this great but divided nation overwhelming pride, because George Floyd’s public death seems a few more dramatic than that Mars project. What is really important is said by the son of the dead: he asks the protesters to refrain from violence. That is in the sense of his father.

Error 5: The American economy is silent and loyal to political conflicts. This is different this time. Mark Mason, Chief Financial Officer of the major bank Citi, writes, the killing of Floyd and other similar cases showed “the dangers black people like me face when we go about our daily lives.” They also have AT&T, Starbucks, JP Morgan, Reebok, Nike and Netflix (“Staying silent means being accomplice”) Police brutality sentenced. Twitter marked a tweet from Trump as glorifying violence, which was about the looting being followed by gunfire. Because Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg Leaving the saying online, his staff protested. “Giving a platform to the call to violence and spreading disinformation is unacceptable, no matter who you are,” explains one of his top managers.

In Berlin the black and red mill of the coalition parties on the rushing brook called “Corona” is clattering again. Union and SPD agree on the need for a large one Stimulus package (So ​​far the wish list adds up to at least 80 billion euros), but one is at odds with that Kind of help. This gives the coalition committee scheduled for 2 p.m. spice, but certainly not short. So they want Social democrats communities in need of Old debts to free. The government partner, however, wants the federal government to do more Hartz IV costs and takes on municipal investments and, together with the federal states, waives their share of the trade tax levy.

It gets complicated with Purchase bonuses for cars where the borders run across the party lines. For example, the SPD only wants to promote e-cars, CDU economy minister Peter Altmaier on the other hand, like SPD Prime Minister Stephan Weil, also vehicles with combustion engines, which makes him the new darling of the car companies.

The 74-year-old manager is in the fire service Peter Harf for the German investor family Reimannwhich is among the wealthiest of its kind. The troubleshooter brought the coffee company only last Friday JDE Peet’s on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and played like that 2.25 billion euros one what the debt of the clan holding JAB reduced. Then, on Monday, Senior Harf surprisingly announced that, as CEO, he would personally take over the reorganization of the cosmetics group Coty, about which, in addition to the Reimanns, the private equity boy scouts from everywhere KKR watch – the Americans are investing a billion dollars and now hold 17 percent. JAB believe in the business and in the people of CotyHarf explains to my colleague Katrin Terpitz in an interview: “When model Kate Moss came into the media because of drug use, we held her hand instead of condemning and banishing her.”

Harald Kruger

From 2015 to 2019, the 54-year-old headed BMW.

(Photo: AFP)

And then there’s the ugly kidnapped BMW CEO Harald Kruger, who made a new start as a multi-advisor at the age of 54. He is now senior advisor to the Canadian pension fund CPP Investment Board, which among other things holds a stake in Axel Springer. Krüger announces that they are looking for new investment properties. He acts as a member of the supervisory board in the Dax groups Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom and also sits on the advisory boards of Salesforce and personnel consultancy Spencer Stuart. The man proves that Hugo von Hofmannsthal was right: “All of life is an eternal beginning.”

I wish you a good hand in starting a working week again and again.

Warm greetings to you

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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