The German Supreme Court grants a Volkswagen buyer the right to be compensated by Dieselgate

The German Supreme Court ruled today that the automaker Volkswagen (VW) must compensate a buyer affected by the scandal of handling polluting emissions. Although it is an individual complaint, the judgment sets a precedent by having been handed down by the German high court and by recognizing the right to compensation for buyers.

The opinion specifies that the buyer can demand reimbursement of part of the price he paid for his vehicle, from which he must deduct the kilometers traveled, that is, the “use” given to it. It is estimated that the sentence, despite referring to a specific case, will serve as a reference to lower levels, which could have an impact on the around 73,000 pending individual complaints.

The complaint was filed by the owner of a VW manufactured in 2014, and purchased second-hand, which demanded the manufacturer the full refund of the initial price of the vehicle, 31,500 euros, for “deliberate moral damage”.

Volkswagen, for its part, argued that the vehicle could be used at all times by its owner, so there is no need to pay any compensation.

The case first passed in October 2018 by the Bad Kreuznach Hearing, which rejected the lawsuit; and then by the Koblenz Hearing, in June 2019, which decided that Volkswagen compensated the owner with 25,600 euros, a judgment that both parties appealed.

Volkswagen reached a few months ago an agreement with 235,000 customers -represented by the Association of Central Consumers- to compensate them extrajudicially for a total amount of 750 million euros, specifically between 1,350 euros and 6,250 euros depending on the model. .

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