The girl complained about the smells of rotten meat and rotten eggs after the coronavirus: Society: World:

In the UK, reporter Jamelues Hudspit complained of foul odors after suffering COVID-19 in December 2020. Reported by the Mirror.

The girl tested positive for coronavirus, her symptoms were mild, so she did not need hospital treatment. Three months later, her sense of smell and taste returned.

“I began to notice this awful smell, which I can only describe as a mixture of rotten eggs, rancid meat and fish mixed with sewage,” Jameluise recounts her condition. According to her, at first she thought that the smell was inside her apartment and cleaned it. But when she smelled a disgusting smell in the supermarket and while walking the dog, she realized that she had trouble smelling.

Other COVID-19 survivors reported odors of sweat, smoke, chemicals, yeast, and even blood.

Jameluise says that she has no way to alleviate the consequences of the disease and no understanding when it will pass. She experiences nausea and stress from disgusting odors. In addition, a girl can only eat the simplest foods, for example, oatmeal, pasta, since any fragrant food is disgusting to such an extent that she is forced to spit it out and begins to vomit.

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