The girl ran to Beiyi without a license and was run over to death… The family wants to ask the cement truck for compensation. The network distressed the driver: why?

Social Center/Reported by Lin Yunxuan

▲The female knight surnamed Zhou ran to Beiyi without a license and was run over to death. The family said that they would seek compensation from the cement truck driver, attracting scolding from netizens. (Picture / Flip from IG, flip screen)

A 16-year-old girl surnamed Zhou in New Taipei City borrowed a motorcycle from her boyfriend on the 30th and rode on Beiyi Highway without a license. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell into the opposite lane, and was hit by a cement ready-mix truck to death. The prosecutor of the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office met yesterday (1) night, and initially ruled that the girl’s death was due to cervical and thoracic vertebrae fractures and intracranial hemorrhage. The owner’s claim for compensation also made netizens quite dissatisfied.

The night before the incident, Zhou Nv borrowed cars on IG for a limited time. She thought of practicing Karp in Beiyi. Finally, she borrowed a “Charming Many” car from a friend surnamed Zhang through her boyfriend surnamed Lin, and asked her friend about it. “Can you tell me how Charming ran the mountain, laughing to death”, and her friend asked her to “remember to go up the mountain to Pinglin and walk in the opposite direction”, making Zhou Nu joking, “It’s so funny and fart, I will be hit first. Die.” I didn’t expect it to be a prophecy.

In the early morning of the 30th, Zhou Nv first rode to Wulai to get used to the performance of the vehicle, and then went for a drive on the Beiyi Highway. At 9:00 a.m., I was riding along Beiyi Highway from Xindian to Pinglin. When passing through a big bend of about 32 kilometers, it lost control and slipped and fell, and slid into the opposite lane. The ready-mixed concrete truck driven by the driver surnamed Zheng ran over and lost signs of life on the spot. He was pronounced dead after being sent to the hospital for rescue. Since the driver of the cement ready-mix truck did not drive under the influence of alcohol, and the wheels of the locomotive were almost flat, it was necessary to clarify whether it was the main cause of the locomotive slipping out of control. After the incident, the police notified the boyfriend surnamed Lin and the car owner surnamed Zhang to come to the case. After the trial, the two were sent to the case for the crime of negligent death, and the car owner will be fined 6,000 to 12,000 yuan in accordance with Article 23 of the “Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations”. thousand dollars. In addition to the grief, the family members of Zhou Nv also complained about the cement truck driver. They saw Zhou Nv early on why she failed to stop the car. In the future, they will seek compensation from the driver and the owner of the car surnamed Zhang.

The girl borrowed a car to run to Beiyi, and in the early morning she posted

▲The girl borrowed a car to run to Beiyi, and she even posted “It’s hard enough to ride” early in the morning. I didn’t expect an accident to happen. (Picture / Flip from IG, flip screen)

Regarding the claim that the family will seek compensation, some netizens are inDcardThe forum posted a direct call “too bullshit” and wrote: “My daughter went to Beiyi to run a mountain without a license and practiced pressing a car, and then it deserved an accident. Now I have to blame the cement truck driver and the person who borrowed the car, and now I want to ask for compensation? “. Seeing this, netizens also expressed their grievances for the cement truck driver. I really feel that the driver is super innocent… This kind of really don’t come out and harm people”, “The driver is innocent, I think it’s good to pay a moral compensation. But the car owner and her boyfriend can’t run away, and they lent it to the mountain without a license. If you are 17-18 years old, you still have two years to practice?” “I let my daughter break the law and cause the driver’s eldest brother to work. Now I still have the face to ask for compensation. It’s time for judicial reform.”

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