The girl who asked Abinader for a new home wants to be an engineer

Alina Cuevas Lariné, 11, was in the right place and at the right time to see her dreams take the path where they can come true.

Accompanying her mother, Ángela Cuevas, in a dining room where she helps a friend in exchange for a little money, allowed her to get President Luis Abinader to rebuild her house, after a request that she made last Monday, October 19 , day in which the president was in Barahona giving the first piezo of the port of the municipality.

By acceding to the petition, the president made an important decision regarding infants in which the “best interests of the child and adolescent should prevail, as established by the Code of Protection of Children and Adolescents, with the aim of contribute to their integral development, ensure the full and effective enjoyment of their fundamental rights, such as a decent roof.


Ángela Cuevas, as well as her daughter say they are grateful that the president, through the National Housing Institute (INVI), ordered the construction of the house that when it rained “it got wet inside before it was outside” and from the street they saw what they did inside, due to the amount of cracks it had.

The 55-meter-high house, covered in wood and covered in zinc, with a polished concrete floor, with three bedrooms, living room, dining room, gallery, as well as a perimeter sidewalk, has an approximate cost of RD $ 245,000, without labor, affirmed the master builder when asked for his opinion in this regard.

Mother and daughter showed their satisfaction with the construction, although it is not made of blocks and cement, “in any case we are grateful to the president, may God give him life and health so that he continues to help more poor families like us.”

Wants to be an engineer

Alina Cuevas Lariné is expressive and has no stage fright when interviewed by the LISTÍN DIARIO team, she said that she was not afraid to approach the president to request help for the house, because she assures her parents needed it.

She is in the third grade of basic education And who is already preparing for the beginning of the school year, and has a dream: to graduate in civil engineering, a career that she plans to study when she is old enough to go to university.

“To build houses for people in my neighborhood, to help people here in my sector who have many needs,” said the girl.

One more thing the little girl asked the president: once the construction of the house is finished, that the president do everything possible to come and give it to you “because if you don’t come I would feel very sad.”

The sector

Alina lives with her parents and several siblings in the Los Guandules sector, in the Palmarito neighborhood, located west of the Santa Cruz de Barahona municipality.

It is a community that emerged about 15 years ago without planning, which is why it lacks the most basic services: drinking water, electricity, paved streets, sidewalks and containments.

The girl also made a vehement call to the Head of State to have urgent help for this community of Santa Cruz de Barahona, in which most of the homes are not of quality.


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