The girl with terminal cancer who asked for a birthday party as her last wish died

In October 2022, little American Delaney Krings was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Faced with such a grim fate, she asked, through a campaign that went viral, celebrate his fifth birthday early in December.

Unfortunately in the last few hours his family confirmed his death. «Our sweet baby angel gained her wingsDelaney’s mother, Heather Krings, announced on a website cited by People magazine.

As it turned out, the girl died on January 28, about three months after she was diagnosed with the disease and just a few weeks after her birthday party.

The story of the girl from Pewaukee, a town in Wisconsin, United States, went viral not only because of the campaign that the family started to raise funds for your medical treatment but by his last and particular will.

Thanks to the initiative of his Delaney family received more than 15,000 physical cards as well as hundreds of greetings on Facebook and he spent December 16, his last birthday, with a parade of almost 500 trucks, pickups and vans in his honor.

“There is no way we can help her open thousands of cards a day. We pick a handful of hers and open them for her. The ones that play music are the favorites“, Delaney’s mother had commented at the time.

“Like a flower whose beauty we see only for a while, we all cherish each of Delaney’s 1,869 days on Earth,” wrote Delaney’s relative Judy Krings, announcing her death.

The heartbreaking message from his mother

Before the end, Heather wrote on her social networks: “How do you tell a 4-year-old that he’s going to die in a month? How do you tell him? You can not. She knows that a lot of people send her birthday cards because it’s going to be a special birthday.”

Last Monday, a health status update indicated a worsening. “As much as I try to maintain my composure, every time there are more moments of irrepressible tears, of rage against the universe and, simply, of empty impotence. We do everything we can to keep her as comfortable and pain-free as possible,” the woman commented in a post.

In turn, he maintained: “Every time she is awake, which happens less and less frequently, we make sure that she sees our faces and hears us gently tell her how much we love her. She will occasionally point her finger at us, wave at us or click her tongue at us to let us know her preferences.”

After his death, he wrote:You don’t deserve this luck in life. She was the easiest baby, the sweetest girl, the most loving, energetic and curious. She brought so much love and happiness into this world and had a positive impact on many people. Hug your people, love your people. tomorrow is never guaranteed”.

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